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Pine is widely planted in Australia and New Zealand and is popular in all types of construction and decorative uses. These include framing, lining, glue laminated beams, veneer and plywood. It can be used for many exposed structural and non-structural applications if it is treated with the right protective coating. The texture of pine is fine and knots are very common. The timber is white to pale yellow and the grain is usually straight and is quite easy to work.  Pine is not resistant to termites and can be preservative treated to increase its durability.

Pine plantations are set to become the main source of timber in Australia. Pine can be used in a wide range of applications, including as a domestic and commercial structural timber, flooring, lining, furniture, panels (such as veneer, plywood, particleboard, fibreboard, toys, poles, posts, sleepers, mining timbers (treated), landscaping, pulp and paper.

Koppers Logs / Treated Pine Use

  • Flooring
  • Lining
  • Furniture
  • Panels
  • Veneer
  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Fibreboard
  • Toys
  • Poles
  • Posts
  • Sleepers
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • Pulp
  • Paper
  • plus more…

Koppers Logs / Treated Pine Sizes

  • TBA
  • plus more..

Koppers Logs / Treated Pine Extras

  • TBA
  • plus more..

Koppers Logs and Treated Pine Solutions

Koppers Logs and Treated Pine Sleepers can be used in many occasions both commercial and residential creating simple, natural landscaping or fencing.

Superlog products include perfect rounds, winged splits, slabs, half rounds and the new roundback sleeper

Imported timbers come with risks if you just purchase from anyone. We advise our customers when asking for Merbau Decking or timber request the DNA brand from Simmonds Lumber. This product is independently certified to be legally imported and tested for quality. Perth Timber Co supply this product line and show strong support for environmentally friendly harvesting practices.


Hazard Level Exposure Specific Service Conditions Biological Hazard Typical Uses
 H1  Inside, above ground  Completely protected from the weather and well ventilated and protected from termites  Lyctid Borer  Framing, flooring, furniture, interior joinery
 H2  Inside, above ground  Protected from wetting, Nil leaching  Borers and termites  Framing, flooring, etc., used in dry situations
 H2F  Inside, above ground  Protected from wetting, Nil leaching  Borers and termites  Framing (envelope treatment) used in dry situations south of the Tropic of Capricorn only
 H2S  Inside, above ground  Protected from wetting, Nil leaching  Borers and termites  LVL/Plywood (glue-line treatment) used in dry situations south of the Tropic of Capricorn only
 H3  Outside, above ground  Subject to periodic moderate wetting and leaching  Moderate decay, borers and termites  Weatherboard, fascia, pergola posts (above ground), window joinery, framing and decking
 H3A  Outside, above ground  Products predominantly in vertical exposed situations and intended to have the supplementary paint coat system that is regularly maintained  Moderate decay, borers and termites  Fascia, bargeboards, exterior cladding, window joinery, door joinery and non-laminated verandah posts
 H4  Outside, in-ground contact  Subject to severe wetting and leaching  Severe decay, borers and termites  Fence posts, greenhouses, pergola posts (in-ground) and landscaping timbers
 H5  Outside, in-ground contact, contact with or in fresh water  Subject to extreme wetting and leaching and/or where the critical use requires a higher degree of protection  Very severe decay, borers and termites  Retaining walls, piling, house stumps, building poles, cooling tower fill
 H6  Marine waters  Subject to prolonged immersion in sea water  Marine wood borers and decay  Boat hulls, marine piles, jetty cross bracing

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