About Perth Plywood

Plywood is manufactured from front and back as well as core veneers. The fewer the deformations on the veneers, the more durable the plywood becomes, making it suitable in both wet and humid conditions. The strength of plywood comes from the fact that each ply of veneer is placed at a right angle to the one below it. The more layers of veneer used, the stronger the plywood becomes. There are multiple uses for plywood and include cladding, sheds, wall panelling, flooring, furniture, shuttering boxes (that help hold in concrete during the construction process) and Marine plywood.

Perth Plywood Sizes

  • Unfortunately Plywood comes in only one size in Western Australia, 2.400 x 1.200 , Here at Perth Timber we offer a cutting service to trim your ply to size on our panel saw.

Softwood Plywood

Softwood Plywood is regular plywood with a soft front and back veneer. Radiata Pine and Hoop Pine are the most common Timbers used, Radiata Plywood is primarily used for construction purposes while Hoop Pine is used extensively in the Marine industry. Depending on the face grades Radiata,Plywood is sometimes used for decorative purposes instead (such as cabinet and furniture creation and lining shed or Pergola walls or roofs..

All of our softwood plywood uses moisture resistant glue to stick the plywood and veneers together. This makes it suitable for exterior applications and it also is available in H3 Treated version although this is limited to only one size  12mm. It can also be handled with ordinary woodworking tools and equipment (such as hand sawing and power sawing) with minimal splintering.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood Plywood is a regular plywood with a hard front and back veneer. The main type of wood used for these veneers is Meranti a very common hardwood ranging from Indonesia up thru the Philippines and Malaysia and on to Thailand. Its colour tones range from Dark Red to White Hardwood Plywood is primarily used for millwork and crafting many types of products (such as furniture, cabinets, closets, kitchens, doors and wall and ceiling panelling).

Most hardwood plywood use A bond Resorcinol” glues which are  moisture resistant and hence used extensively for exterior projects.

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood veneers are carefully selected Timbers based mainly on their Stability and Durability, Only A Bond glue is allowed to be used and the Plywood manufactured to strict standards. Each sheet is required to be stamped with the word Marine, the glue type, and manufacturer. It is commonly misconceived that all Marine Ply is resistant to decay, this is far from the truth, and some still needs to be preservative treated especially when being used on Moored Boats.

The common Timber used in Australia is Hoop Pine which conforms to AS/NZS 2272,  there is also a hardwood variant imported which carries a British Standard BS1088

 Grade Description
 A  The front and back veneers are free of all noticeable deformities.
 A/B  The front veneers are free from all noticeable deformities, however, the back veneers have a few small knots and/or discolourations.
 A/BB  The front veneers are free from all noticeable deformities, however, the back veneers have large knots, noticeable discolourations and jointed veneers.
 B Both the front and back veneers have small knots and/or discolourations.
 B/BB The front veneers have small knots and/or discolourations. The back veneers have large knots, noticeable discolourations and jointed veneers.
 BB Both the front and back veneers have large knots, noticeable discolourations and jointed veneers.
 C/D The front veneers have large knots and other defects filled in and the back veneers may have some that are not filled. This grade describes structural integrity rather than a professional, sanded and smooth appearance.
 WG WG stands for “Well Glued” and guarantees that all large knots have been filled.
 X  Both the front and back veneers have large knots, cracks, discolourations and jointed veneers that are highly noticeable defects.

Perth Plywood Area’s Of Service

Canning Vale, Armadale, Balcatta, Bassendean, Bayswater, Forrestdale, Fremantle, Herdsman, High Wycombe, Kwinana, Malaga, Osborne Park, Rockingham, Welshpool, Lansdale, Wanneroo, Wangara, Joondalup, Clarkson, Midland, Airport, O’Connor, Willetton, Cannington, Maddington, Carlisle, Belmont, Guildford, Hazelmere, Forrestfield, Bibra Lake, Cockburn, Jandakot

Perth Plywood Price Lists

Due to a large proportion of Plywood being imported prices change regularly, Please contact the yard for current pricing.


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